If you have questions which are not answered here then please go below and enter in the box to mail the team, who will get back to you as soon as possible. We are particularly pleased to receive comments on technical errors, new facilities and services you would like to see and sucess stories.


How do I use the site?

Its very simple and there various options you can use. The best thing to do first is to register and then you can use all the site functions. Use the Quicksearch or Search functions to browse through people who fit your criteria. If you see a result you like, then click on their name or photograph to access their profile. You can then send a message to that person, show interest (like a nudge!), or add them to your favourites folder for later on. You can add up to 20 people in your favourites. All of the links are explained, but if you get into real difficulty, then please message us using the Help option below.

I'm not African? Can I still join?

Yes. This site is open to anyone. Many African ladies would like to make friends with someone outside of Africa, and many people would seek a partner with an African background. While the site does have a dating function, and you CAN come here to hit someone up, its also ideal for people who just want to make freinds or fancy learning more about different countries and cultures.

Are there any safety issues?

You are anonymous on AfrikaDating and the contact system operates entirely within our website. Only you can disclose your email address or contact details to anyone on AfrikaDating. If you decide to meet someone you have met on AfrikaDating, we reccomend you make it in a public place at first, and inform a friend. If you are travelling then please see our information on travelling in the information section

Are there any safety issues? #2

Yes. As with any dating service there are crooks, scammers and fakes around. We come with state-of-the-art scam protection unlike other sites. Common scams include offers of employment oveseas or millions of dollars in a locked trunk/security company/bank etc. As soon as we are alerted to these individuals they are erased completely from the system including all messages sent. More information is on this is available in our information section (look for about the website). If you come across this type of behaviour, please alert us immediately so we can protect our members. If you want to know more about this type of fraud please see its long tradition at Scamorama. is NOT responsible for anything you decide to do with your money.

Someone is asking for money? Should I send anything?

No. Send nothing. The purpose of this site is not for soliciting transactions. If someone asks for cash, please report them to us.

I think that a profile is a fake.

AfrikaDating encouages honesty, although we also allow a lot of latitude with photographs, so some people have put up pictures of animals and pets, or football teams. However, if you suspect a fraudulent profile with dishonest intentions, then please report it to us. We will erase the member. If necessary we can delete the user and prevent that email address being used again. Obviously we can't prevent new sign-ups, but we can make it difficult!

My IP says I'm in the UK but I'm in Kenya/Nigeria/Other country!

We use an IP database to look up IP addresses which is about 98% correct. Not everyone gets it right. This is checked each time you log in. Sometimes as well if you access from work with a foreign company or through a mobile phone which uses a foreign service, the IP will not be geo-located in your country. Theres not a lot we can do about this but we do ask our members to use their judgement on the results of our database rather than simply refusing to contact all those whos IP location does not match their geo-location.

The site is cool, but it would be nice if it would do more. Can I suggest it?

Yes! Please do. Tell us what functions you would like on AfrikaDating and where possible we shall program it for you.

I cant get my pictures to upload!

The most common reason is that the pictures you are trying to put up are too big. Images must be 100KB or less to be automatically uploaded. So reduce the image size before trying to upload. How? Use an image editor. There is one included with most versions of Windows in Programs/Accessories, called Paint. This can do the job.

Something isn't working. I get Warning messages and a whole load of code.

Please TELL US! The site is tested rigourously, but it is a bit cranky and there are glitches, and occasionally the whole thing goes tits up and we have to reboot the server. Some of the searching is a bit funny as well and basically some things do not do what they are supposed to to exactly... But if you let us know then we can fix it, or at least have a damn good look and try and work around the issue. If something goes wrong, please tell us what page you were on and what you were trying to do, then we can look into it and hopefully issue a fix in a few days. If you get really stuck then send us a phone number and techie Dom will give you a call. Even if you are in Timbuktu.

I can't log in!

Right first things first. Your login is your MEMBER ID, not your email address or screen name or anything like that. Its the number you were assigned when you registered. You might also have problems with the security settings on your browser. The site uses sessions and cookies, but will work on intermediate security levels. Try clearing your browser cache, and cookies but best of all, use Firefox, its much better than Internet Explorer and the site is optimised for Firefox. If it still does not work, then email us and we will try and sort out the problem.

I can't get in the chat room.

Try this before going bonkers and giving up: Allow pop ups from this site. The chatroom operates as a pop-up. You also need Flash, so you might need to download that. Best of all, use Firefox!

I want to cancel my membership

You can make your account INACTIVE following the options in the My Account section. If you truly want to be deleted from the database, send us an email from the email address you signed up with or fill in the form below. We will then erase you from the database completely. If you decide to come back after that you wont be able to retrive old account, and you will have to re-register.

Who are you guys?

Alex is the webmaster and Dom is the techie. We look a little bit like this, not much, just a bit.


I've got a headache.

Try paracetemol, ibuprofen, or a cold beer.

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